Talent Group

Who we are

A Casting Company's  success depends on having just the right eyes and ears for Casting just as the Company's success depends on hiring the right talent.  No one gets this better than the Casting Rep themselves.

They know that an Artist with the potential to be a Superstar can be hampered by bad song placement, wrong Producer, or conversely, an Artist with Great Songs and an Admirible Producer could be self defeated by not having the proper connections.

That is why Ashley Camden, founder of Bel Air Talent Group has brought her decade of experience to putting the right parties together to work in 'harmony.'

This is why she doesn't stay in the Office waiting for the Perfect Artist/Actor to waltz in off the street. 

Her passion stretches across vast territories around the World Scouting for fresh Talent.

Even when she may not have requests from Major Record Company Producers and or Film Directors/Producers, she's constantly got her eye out for Talent that may work at another time.

This also means looking at Talent that may not fit the obvious, such as a Poppy Blond ala Britney Spears; maybe the next Pop Star will be Brunette, or Latina, or Asian.

"You've got to make more Creative Choices."